07.02.2018 — WELTSCHMERZ wins a Danish Academy Award (Robert) for best short film: documentary
12.01.2018 — DOOM ROOM is selected for International Film Festival Rotterdam
12.01.2018 — WELTSCHMERZ is nominated for a Danish Academy Award (Robert)
18.12.2017 — MOONBLOOD selected for CineMart @ International Film Festival Rotterdam
17.10.2017 — ÜBERMENSCH Staff Picked Vimeo & Short of The Week
11.10.2017 — ÜBERMENSCH in competition at Nordisk Panorama
11.09.2017 — THE VALLEY OF GODS international premiere at Riga International Film Festival
09.08.2017 — DOOM ROOM wins the main prize at CopenX
02.09.2017 — ÜBERMENSCH wins best danish short film at Odense International Film Festival
15.06.2017 — ÜBERMENSCH wins Special Mention / New Talent Award at Sheffield Doc/Fest